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Peugeot 406

Peugeot 406 (Russian Peugeot 406) — the class car D released under the name of Peugeot. The sedan is issued in bodies, the station wagon and a compartment is equipped as petrol (the volume from 1,6 to 3,0 liters), and diesel engines. On beauty neither the sedan, nor the station wagon can be compared to the finest Peugeot model in recent years – model 406 Coupe. This magnificent car was created by designers of the Italian studio Pininfarina and, by the way, in the same place and is issued. 406 performed by the sedan it was presented in October, 1995 as replacement of outdated model 405, one year later to light also the break option (station wagon) appeared, and in a year the beauty of 406 Coupe appeared. In 1999 restyling of model was made, appearance slightly changed and a number of engines was significantly updated.

Peugeot 406 was equipped with wide scale of engines. Among petrol the weakest is already mentioned 1,6-liter unit which was installed for Peugeot 405. There were not enough his 88 "horses" for the car and therefore in 1999 it was laid off so at restyling models the weakest among petrol motors is the 116 h.p. 1,8-liter engine. Most often cars with 1,8-and 2,0-liter engines meet. The last has only 16 valves, and here the 1,8-liter power unit was issued both in 8, and in the 90 and 110 h.p. 16-valvate look respectively (after 1999 the 1,8-liter motor began to give 116 h.p.). One of technical distinctions between 8-and 16-valvate 1,8-liter engines consists in absence in the first hydrocompensators because of what the gap needs to be regulated washers. the 2,0-liter motor gives 132 h.p. (after 1999 it was replaced by other 136 h.p. motor of the same volume). It is possible to find also the 2,0-liter engine with the 147 h.p. turbo-supercharging which appeared in 1996. Peugeot 406 Turbo 2,0 has quite good dynamics (the maximum speed of 210 km/h). A wreath of model scale is the car with the 2,9-liter V6 engine (sometimes it call 3,0-liter). Till 2000 its power made 190 h.p., and then grew to 207 h.p. In the latter case Peugeot 406 with a mechanical box is capable to reach 240 km/h, and dispersal of 0-100 km/h will borrow 8,1 sec. Peugeot 406 and diesels meet under a cowl. The diesels Peugeot always differed in endurance and unpretentiousness. Most often it is possible to meet Peugeot 406 with 1,9-and 2,1-liter turbodiesels of the XUD series with a power of 90 h.p. and 110 h.p. respectively. Later they were succeeded by DW series diesels (or HDi). Such motors have volume 2,0 and 2,2 liters. The first unit depending on control gives 90 or 110 h.p., and the second – 133 h.p.