9f7e9f0f Check of level of oil in the automatic transmission

1. Carry out a short trip on the car to heat transmission to normal temperature. Then stop the car on a plain horizontal surface. Level of oil is checked by the probe placed on the forward party of a motor compartment just before connection of the engine with the transmission. The top of the probe has bright coloring.
2. Idling the engine at the tightened hand and foot brake move the selector handle on all positions and return to situation Park. In this position of the selector check oil level. It has to be between lower and top (b) marks.
3. If oil level low, then add it through an opening for the probe. Note. Never assume that the level of oil was more top mark.
4. Then make a trial trip and double-check level.
5. Always support oil level between two marks of the probe. Shortage of oil can lead to serious breakages of the transmission.
6. If there is a need to often add oil then leak which needs to be found and eliminated until it did not lead to serious consequences takes place.