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Operations on maintenance same, as well as at cars with petrol engines, except the following differences.

Replacement of the filtering element of the air filter

1. Weaken a collar and remove the inlet channel from a filter case cover.
2. On models of engines 2.1 liters disconnect hoses of cooling liquid (a photo at the left) and ventilation (a photo on the right) from a cover of the air filter.
3. On models of engines 1.9 liters remove an accelerator cable from a cover of the air filter.
4. Unscrew screws of fastening of a cover of the air filter.
5. Lift a cover and an izvlekta the filtering element.
6. Wipe the case and a cover of the air filter.
7. Install the new filtering element in the filter case. Close a cover and screw it screws.
8. Establish hoses of ventilation and cooling and a cable of an accelerator on the places. Install the inlet channel and fix by collars.

Replacement of the fuel filter

The fuel filter is located in the plastic case in front of the engine.

1. Place a container under a hose of discharge of fuel from the fuel filter, unscrew the screw of removal of water from the fuel filter and completely merge fuel from the fuel filter.
2. Unscrew four bolts of fastening of a cover of the fuel filter and uncover.
3. Take the filter from the case.
4. Install the new fuel filter and a cover.
5. Cover a carving part of bolts with the structure interfering unscrewing, and screw up bolts.
6. Close the screw of discharge of water from the fuel filter.