3.2.10. The directing roller of a gear belt


Engines 1.9 liters
1. Take off an auxiliary driving belt.
2. Combine adjusting openings in pulleys of a cam-shaft, the fuel pump and a flywheel and record them bolts and cores.
3. Weaken a nut of a point of turn of the mechanism of a tension of a gear belt and an adjusting bolt, then turn a tension mechanism suspension bracket counterclockwise to remove a belt tension, and repeatedly tighten an adjusting bolt.
4. Unscrew two bolts of fastening of a rack of the directing roller to the block of cylinders, considering that the top bolt also fixes a suspension bracket.
5. Weaken four bolts of fastening, considering that the top bolt is from the inside of a forward plate. Shoot the directing video.
Engines 2.1 liters
6. Take off a gear belt.
7. Unscrew the central bolt of fastening of the directing roller and remove it from the engine.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.