5.1.1. Technical data

System type
Engines 1.6 liters
Magneti Marelli 8P
Engines 1.8 liters
Bosch Motronic MP5.1.1
Engines 2.0 liters
Bosch Motronic MP5.1.1 or MP5.2
Fuel pump
Electric type, shipped in the fuel tank
Pressure created by the fuel pump
System of injection Bosch
3 ± 0,2 bars
System of injection Magneti Marelli
2,5 ± 0,2 bars
Idling turns
850 ± 50 rpm (is not regulated, run by the ECU block)
Contents WITH
less than 0,4% (is not regulated, run by the ECU block)
Fuel with the minimum octane number

Moments of tightening, N · m

Inlet collector
Final collector