8.1.2. Replacement of oil in the transmission

The discharge of oil from the transmission will be more bystry and effective if to make this operation after warming up of the engine up to the working temperature and carrying out a control trip for warming up of the transmission.

1. Lift the car on the elevator or establish over a viewing hole.
2. On the cars equipped with the BE3 transmission remove the left forward wheel, unscrew screws and remove protection of an arch of a wheel from under a wing for access to an oil filling stopper. On all models remove a mudguard from under the engine.
3. Wipe area around an oil filling stopper. On the BE3 transmission the stopper of filling of oil is the biggest bolt among bolts of fastening of a face cover to the transmission. On the ML5T transmission the stopper of filling of oil is located on a back part of a casing of differential. Unscrew a stopper of filling of oil from the transmission.
4. Install the corresponding container under the masloslivny stopper located in a back part of the transmission, and unscrew a stopper.
5. Completely merge oil from the transmission. Clear a stopper of filling of oil and a masloslivny stopper of metal particles and replace sealing washers.
6. Screw up a masloslivny stopper and tighten it the required moment.
7. Fill in oil in the transmission to the level of bottom edge of a maslozalivny opening.

For the correct filling of the transmission the car has to be in horizontal position.

8. Screw up an oil filling stopper, establish a wheel and make a short trip. Repeatedly check oil level.
9. If necessary modify oil level, establish a new sealing washer on a stopper, screw in a stopper into place and tighten the required moment. Establish protection of an arch of a wheel and a mudguard of the engine.