9f7e9f0f Choice of laying of a head of the block of cylinders

Vystupaniye of the piston
Identification of laying on thickness
From 0,54 to 0,65 mm
1 cut
From 0,65 to 0,77 mm
2 cuts
From 0,77 to 0,82 mm
3 cuts

1. Check that the gear belt is taken off from a pulley of the fuel pump of high pressure, then turn the crankshaft before installation of pistons of the 1st and 4th cylinders in VMT. Install the indicator of hour type on an arm on the block of cylinders. Install a measuring tip on the block of cylinders and establish an indicator scale on zero. Install a measuring tip on the piston of the first cylinder and slightly turn the crankshaft in both parties. Note the highest value on the indicator and write down this value.
2. Similarly, measure a piston vystupaniye on the cylinder No. 4, then turn the crankshaft on 180 ° and repeat measurements of a vystupaniye of pistons on cylinders 2 and 3.
3. In the absence of the indicator of hour type, the size of a vystupaniye of pistons can be measured by a caliper, however with a smaller accuracy.
4. Using the greatest value of a vystupaniye of the piston, define the required laying of a head of the block of cylinders (And – the cuts indicating laying thickness). Pay attention that the cuts on laying disposed closer to the center are cuts of identification (V) and have no value for laying thickness.