9f7e9f0f Pulley of the fuel pump of high pressure


1. Take off a gear belt.
2. Remove 8 mm the adjusting bolts fixing a pulley of the fuel pump from a provorachivaniye.
3. On some models the pulley can be equipped with a stripper which consists of the plate attached by bolts to a pulley. On models without stripper the pulley can be removed from a shaft, using a plate and two bolts which are screwed up in the openings provided in a pulley.
4. Record a shaft of the fuel pump of high pressure from a provorachivaniye, using the special tool.
5. On models with the built-in stripper unscrew a nut of fastening of a pulley and remove a pulley, and also a segment spline from a pump shaft.
6. On models without the built-in stripper partially unscrew a nut of fastening of a pulley, establish the improvised stripper and screw up two bolts until the pulley is not removed from a pump shaft. Remove a pulley and a segment spline.


1. Establish a segment spline in a groove on a pump shaft.
2. If the built-in stripper was removed from a pulley, then screw in two bolts of a stripper in a pulley.
3. Establish a pulley and fix it by a nut, having tightened it the required moment. At the same time hold a pulley from a provorachivaniye.
4. Check that adjusting bolts and a core are established in openings of pulleys of a cam-shaft, the fuel pump of high pressure and a flywheel.
5. Establish a gear belt on a pulley of the fuel pump of high pressure so that the tags made on a belt and a pulley before removal were combined.
6. Adjust a tension of a gear belt.
7. Establish casings of a gear belt.