5.2.2. Filling and pumping of fuel system

Manual pump of pumping

After any separation of fuel system air which needs to be removed can get to it.

In case of full fuel use from the fuel tank it is not obligatory to fill in completely the fuel tank and to pump over fuel system, it is enough to add fuel in the fuel tank and to start the engine a starter at completely pressed accelerator pedal. After start of the engine slightly increase idling turns for the end of process of pumping of fuel system.

On all models there is a manual pump of pumping in the form of a rubber pear which is located on the right side of a motor compartment.

1. Weaken the screw of removal of air located in a bolt of connection of the giving pipeline of the fuel pump.
2. Pump pumpings until from under the screw of removal of air fuel without air bubbles does not begin to come out. Tighten the screw of removal of air.
3. Include ignition that the electromagnetic valve of a stop of the engine worked, and continue pumping by the pumping pump until you feel considerable resistance.
4. If a large amount of fuel got to the pump, enclose a rag to the place of accession of a returnable fuel hose and pump pumpings (with the included ignition) or turning the engine a starter before emergence of pure fuel from a junction. Tighten a junction.
5. If air arrived to nozzles, enclose rags to the place of connection of pipelines to nozzles and weaken these connections. Turn the engine a starter until from junctions pure fuel goes, and repeatedly delay connections.
6. Start the engine with completely drowned accelerator pedal.