3.3.8. Assembly of a head of the block of cylinders

1. Oil cores of valves engine and insert them on the places. Install valves on those places where they were ground in.
2. Establish a spring nest. Lower a maslootrazhatelny cap in fresh engine oil and establish it on a valve core into place, being careful not to damage its working edges. For installation of maslootrazhatelny caps use a special metal mandrel.
3. Establish a valvate spring and a plate of a spring.
4. Special adaptation squeeze a valvate spring and establish crackers in dredging of a core of the valve and grease them. Remove the device for compression of a spring. Repeat this operation on other valves.
5. Knock with the hammer through wooden whetstone on a valve core end face in order that all elements of the valve accurately were established on the places.
6. Establish a cam-shaft, pushers and laying.
7. Establish other details in the sequence, the return to removal. If necessary replace laying. On diesel engines 2.1 liters install the mechanism of a tension of a gear belt.