3.3.9. Removal of pistons with rods

1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders, the pallet and the oil pump.
2. If there is a deposit in the top part of the cylinder, remove it with a scraper from soft material. Existence of a step in the top part of the cylinder testifies to excessive wear of the cylinder and need of boring of cylinders of the engine.
3. Using the hammer and a center punch or paint note the provision of a cover of the lower head of a rod and number of the cylinder (in the drawing the cylinder No. 3 is shown).
4. Turn the crankshaft so that pistons of the 1st and 4th cylinders were installed in NMT.
5. Turn off nuts of fastening of a cover of the lower head of a rod of the first cylinder. Remove the lower cover of a rod.
6. For prevention of a possibility of injury of necks of the crankshaft by hairpins of a rod wind hairpins with any soft material or put on them the corresponding tubules from soft material.
7. Using the hammer handle, push out the piston of the block of cylinders up and take it from the block of cylinders.
8. On the lower head of a rod establish a cover of a rod and screw nuts that will allow to keep them in a set and not to mix in places.
9. Similarly remove the piston of the fourth cylinder.
10. Turn the crankshaft on 180 ° for installation of pistons of the 2nd and 3rd cylinder in NMT and similarly remove pistons.