11:11. Nave of a back wheel


1. Remove the back brake drum.
2. By means of the lever remove a protective cap of the central part of a nave of a back wheel.
3. Using the hammer and a punch, unbend the fixing fillet on a nut of fastening of a nave of a back wheel.
4. Unscrew a nut of fastening of a nave.
5. Using a stripper, remove a nave from a pin.
6. Check a condition of the hug bearing. It is recommended to replace hug bearings since at removal of a nave bearings can be damaged.
7. Check a pin for wear or mechanical damages. If necessary replace it.


1. Make sure that the bearing is filled with lubricant, grease a pin with a thin layer of engine oil.
2. Install the new bearing on a pin, using the hammer and a tubular mandrel which presses on an internal ring of the bearing.
3. Establish a new nut of a nave.
4. Tighten it the required moment.
5. Using the hammer and a drift, fuller a nut fillet in a nave groove.
6. Install the brake drum.