11:14. Cylindrical spring of a back suspension bracket


1. Lift a back part of the car and record on supports. Remove the corresponding back wheel.
2. Establish a jack under the external end of the back lower lever and raise the lever so that the spring was slightly compressed.
3. Unscrew an external hinged bolt of the lever (it is specified by an arrow).
4. Unscrew a nut from an internal hinged bolt of the lever.
5. Unscrew the lower bolt of fastening of the back shock-absorber.
6. Disconnect tubes of the brake system and electric wires from fastening brackets on the lower lever.
7. Slowly lower a jack before liberation of a spring. Remove a spring together with its top and lower nests.
8. Check a condition of a spring.


1. Establish the lower and top nests of a spring on the places. Grease a rod of the shock-absorber and the place of fastening of the lower part of the shock-absorber with Molykote G Rapide Plus lubricant.
2. Establish a spring on the place and by means of a jack lift the lever, checking that the ends of a spring correctly became in nests.
3. Combine the lower lever with a nave and insert an external hinged bolt. Screw new nuts on internal and external hinged bolts, tightening them by hand.
4. Combine the lower part of the shock-absorber with the lower lever, insert a bolt of fastening and screw on it a new nut by hand.
5. Lower a jack and release the lower lever. Fix on the lower lever brake tubes and electric wires by fastening brackets.
6. Establish a back wheel and lower the car. Shake the car that elements of a suspension bracket rose on the places. Tighten nuts the required moment.