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11:20. Stabilizer of cross stability of a back suspension bracket


1. Lift a back part of the car and record on supports. Remove back wheels.
2. Unscrew nuts and remove the scenes from the ends of the stabilizer.
3. Put combination tags between plugs of installation and the stabilizer.
4. Unscrew nuts (are specified by shooters) and remove clips of installation of the stabilizer.
5. Take the stabilizer from under the car and remove from it installation plugs.
6. Check stabilizer elements for wear and damages.


1. Install rubber plugs on the stabilizer. Level plugs on the stabilizer on earlier made tags and place them so that flat surfaces were from above, and the crack of the plug was directed to a forward part.
2. Install the stabilizer and fix clips of its installation. Connect the scenes to the ends of the stabilizer and tighten nuts of fastening of clips of installation of the stabilizer the required moment.
3. Screw new nuts of fastening of the coulisse to the stabilizer and tighten them the required moment.
4. Establish wheels and lower the car.