11.6. Lower lever of a forward suspension bracket


1. Lift a forward part of the car and record on supports. Remove the corresponding forward wheel.
2. Unscrew a nut and take the lower spherical hinge from the lower lever.
3. Unscrew a hinged bolt of fastening (it is specified by an arrow) a forward part of the lower lever.
4. Unscrew 2 bolts (are specified by shooters) fastenings of the plug of installation of a back part of the lower lever to the lower frame.
5. Take the lower lever from under the car.


Replacement of the forward plug of a point of turn and back suspension bracket of installation demands use of a hydraulic press, a stripper for bearings and a frame. Therefore this work should be performed at the station.

1. Clear the lower lever of dirt and an anticorrosive covering.
2. Check the lever for existence of cracks, distortions of a form or any other defects.


1. Install the lower lever into place, insert a forward hinged bolt and screw on it a nut, without clamping finally.
2. Install the back plug of a point of turn of the lever and fix it by bolts, having tightened them the required moment.
3. Install the lower spherical hinge of a rotary fist in the lower lever. Tighten the spherical hinge a new nut, having tightened it the required moment.
4. Establish a wheel and lower the car. Shake the car that all elements of a suspension bracket fell into place. Finally tighten a nut of fastening of a forward hinged bolt of the lower lever the required moment.
5. If necessary check the angles of installation of forward wheels.