11:30. Spherical hinge of steering draft


1. Lift a forward part of the car and record on supports. Remove the corresponding forward wheel.
2. Using a chertilka, note position of the spherical hinge on steering draft.
3. Record steering draft and unscrew a lock-nut of the spherical hinge on a quarter of a turn. Do not move a lock-nut from this situation as it will serve as a reference point at installation of the new spherical hinge.
4. Unscrew a nut of fastening of the spherical hinge to a rotary fist.
5. Remove the spherical hinge from a rotary fist.
6. Screw together the spherical hinge from steering draft, having counted the exact speed of the spherical hinge.
7. Count number of full rounds of a carving between the end of the spherical hinge and a lock-nut. If it is necessary to install the new spherical hinge, screw together a lock-nut from the old hinge.
8. Carefully clear the spherical hinge and its carving. If the hinge has a side play or its protective cover is damaged, it needs to be replaced.


1. If the new spherical hinge of steering draft is installed, screw on it a lock-nut on that quantity of rounds which was on the old spherical hinge at removal.
2. Screw up the spherical hinge in steering draft on the same speed, as at removal. At the same time, the lock-nut on the hinge has to be established on a quarter of a turn of steering draft.
3. Establish a pin of the spherical hinge in a rotary fist, fix by a new nut and tighten it the required moment.
4. Establish a wheel and lower the car.
5. Check and, if necessary, adjust the angles of installation of forward wheels. After that tighten a lock-nut of the spherical hinge of steering draft.