10:10. Support of a forward brake


On the cars equipped with ABS disconnect the accumulator before a rassoyedineniye of any hydraulic connection of the brake system and repeatedly connect the accumulator only after full connection of all elements of hydraulic system.


1. Lift a forward part of the car and record on supports. Remove the corresponding wheel.
2. Using a G-shaped clip, press a brake hose.
3. Clear area around the connecting coupling of a brake hose and a support. Weaken connection. Disconnect the electric socket from the sensor of wear of brake shoes (it is specified by shooters).
4. Unscrew the top and lower bolts of fastening of the directing support finger. At the same time for deduction of a finger from a provorachivaniye use a thin wrench.
5. Remove a support from a brake disk, unscrew a support from a brake hose.


1. Being careful, clear a support of brake dust and dirt.
2. Take the piston from the case of a support and remove dustproof consolidation.
3. Using the small screw-driver, take a sealing ring of the piston. At the same time observe big care not to damage an opening under the piston in a support.
4. Completely clear all details, using methyl (isopropyl) alcohol or special liquid for cleaning of the hydraulic brake system. Do not use gasoline or other solvents which corrode rubber sealing rings. Using compressed air, dry up all details and blow channels in a support.
5. Check all details for wear and damages. Pay special attention to a condition of working surfaces of the cylinder and piston. If they are scratched or have obvious wear tracks, it is necessary to replace a support assembled.
6. Rubber sealing rings and protective consolidations are subject to obligatory replacement.
7. Before assembly be convinced that all details pure and dry.
8. Grease the support cylinder, the piston and a new sealing ring with pure brake fluid.
9. Install by fingers of a hand a new sealing ring in the support cylinder.
10. Install a dustproof cover on the piston so that the internal diameter of a cover was included into a piston flute.
11. Insert the piston into a support and at the same time insert an external edge of a dustproof cover into a support before its fixing. If replacement of the directing fingers is made, then grease them with special lubricant and establish protective covers in flutes of the directing fingers.
12. Implant the directing fingers into a support and arrange an external part of a cover in flutes.



At installation of a support into place use new bolts of fastening of the directing finger.

1. Screw a support on a brake hose.
2. Check that brake shoes are correctly located in the holder of a support, and establish a support, passing through an opening in a support a wire of the sensor of wear of brake shoes.
3. Cover a carving of bolts of the directing fingers with means against unscrewing (Loctite Frenetanch), screw in a bolt in the lower directing finger, press a support and screw in a bolt in the top directing finger. Tighten both bolts the required moment.
4. Connect the electric socket to a wire of the sensor of wear of brake shoes.
5. Remove a clip from a brake hose and remove air from the brake system.
6. Establish a wheel and lower the car.