10:22. Stoplight switch

The switch of a stoplight is located on a brake pedal arm.

On models with the automatic transmission there are 2 switches located on a brake pedal arm. From them the stoplight switch – left.


1. Uncover a box with fuses.
2. Disconnect the socket from a key block.
3. Unscrew screws and remove the lower finishing of the dashboard. Access to the stoplight switch (it is specified by an arrow) is strongly complicated and can be improved if to remove a steering column.
4. Disconnect the electric socket, unscrew the switch and remove it from an arm.


1. Screw in the stoplight switch in an arm so that the gap between the end of the case of the switch and a ledge on a pedal of a brake made 2–3 mm.
2. Connect the electric socket to the switch and check work of stoplights. Stoplights have to light up after the pedal of a brake is pressed approximately 5 mm.