10:24. The vacuum pump (cars with the diesel engine)


1. For improvement of access to the vacuum pump remove an air supply tube in the air filter.
2. Weaken a collar and disconnect a vacuum hose from the pump.
3. Unscrew bolts / nut of fastening of the pump to the left forward side of a head of the block of cylinders.
4. Remove the pump from the engine. On the 1.9 liters engines the pump has 2 sealing rings, on the 2.1 liters engines – 1 ring. Sealing rings are subject to obligatory replacement.


1. Establish a new sealing ring (shooters) in dredging of the pump.
2. Combine a ledge on a pump shaft with a groove of the camshaft and install the pump on a head of the block of cylinders. At the same time do not displace a sealing ring (the ledge and a groove are specified by shooters).
3. Fix the pump by bolts / nuts.
4. Connect a vacuum hose to the pump and fix it by a collar.