13:15. Engine of a screen wiper and draft

Removal and installation

1. Remove the negative plug from the accumulator.
2. Remove the screen wiper lever.
3. Unscrew a lock nut.
4. Remove the left and right plastic covers of system of ventilation from the windshield basis.
5. Remove the left and right elements of system of ventilation in the lower part of a windshield for access to the screen wiper engine.
6. Disconnect the electric socket located on wires of power supply of the engine of a screen wiper.
7. Unscrew nuts and bolts (are specified by shooters a photo at the left) fastenings of a screen wiper and take a screen wiper (a photo on the right).
8. Remove the rubber damping laying from a screen wiper.
9. If necessary note the relative provision of a shaft of the electric motor and a crank, unscrew a nut (1) and remove draft of a screen wiper from an electric motor shaft. Unscrew bolts (2) fastenings of the engine and remove from it drafts.
10. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.