13:16. Back screen wiper

Removal and installation

1. Remove the negative plug from the accumulator.
2. Remove the screen wiper lever.
Models sedan (Saloon)
3. Unscrew a nut from an axis of a screen wiper and remove a washer with a rubber sealing ring.
4. From the luggage compartment switch-off the electric socket, unscrew nuts and take a screen wiper from a nest.
5. Remove from an axis of a screen wiper of laying and a sealing ring.
Models of a komba (Estate)
6. Open a back door and remove from it finishing.
7. Unscrew nuts (are specified by shooters a photo at the left) fastenings of a screen wiper, take it from a nest and disconnect from it the electric socket (a photo on the right).
8. Remove the aligning screen wiper plug.
9. Remove laying and a rubber sealing ring from a back door.
10. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.