13:24. Safety cushion

Detachment of the electric socket from the control unit of system of a safety cushion

On the cars equipped with a safety cushion from the driver there is a word "AIRBAG" on the central part of a steering wheel. In the presence of a safety cushion from the forward passenger on the top part of the dashboard there is a word "AIRBAG". The security system includes a safety cushion with gas generators, the control unit with the sensor of collision and a lamp of the alarm system in dashboards. At each inclusion of ignition the security system makes self-diagnostics. It is carried out within 6 seconds. At this time the lamp of the alarm system of a security system on a combination of devices burns.

Before performance of any actions on a security system remove the negative plug from the accumulator and wait at least 2 minutes. Remove the central console and disconnect the main electric socket from the control unit of a security system. After performance of work connect the electric socket to the block of a security system and install the central console. Check that in interior of the car there is nobody, connect the accumulator and through an open door of the driver include ignition, being outside of the car.


The safety cushion should not be affected by temperature above 100 °C.

Hit on a safety cushion of solvents or the clearing means is forbidden.

Disconnect contact of a wire of the control unit from a safety cushion when carrying out electrowelding works on the car.