1.1.15. Catalytic converter

Catalytic converter is the device which demands in use the car of attention and care.

Apply only unleaded gasoline.

In due time you make fuelling as soon as the signaling device of the minimum level of fuel in a tank lights up: the insufficient amount of fuel can cause interruptions in operation of the engine.

It is forbidden to apply any additives to engine oil – it can lead to serious damage and failure of the catalyst. Apply only those additives to fuel which are recommended to Peugeot.

At an opportunity it is necessary to avoid frequent, following one by one, starts of the engine at low temperatures.

Do not force turns of a bent shaft of the engine.

Do not increase engine turns just before switching off of ignition.

Avoid the parking on flammable garbage (dry leaves or a grass) since the fulfilled gases of the engine have high temperature.

If at start of the engine there are difficulties, then do not continue unsuccessful attempts to start the engine. Also do not start the engine by means of towage or the pusher since not burned down fuel can put the catalyst out of action.

If there are interruptions in work of system of ignition or loss of engine capacity, then reduce speed and at the first opportunity address on HUNDRED.

If the increased noise sounds, then check a condition of system of production of the fulfilled gases.