1.1.3. If the engine is not started even if the starter works normally

Places of check of electric components


And, B, C, D. Venues of checks (see subitem 3-6)

1. Check availability of fuel in a tank.
2. Check existence of humidity on electric components under a cowl. Switch off ignition, then wipe damp components with dry fabric. Apply a water-repellent aerosol (WD-40 or an equivalent) on electric sockets (see rice. Places of check of electric components). Pay special attention to the socket of an electrical wiring of the coil of ignition and wire of high voltage. Diesel engines usually have no such "disease".
3. Remove a plastic covering and check a state and reliability of connections of the accumulator (A).
4. Check that all sockets (V) of an electrical wiring are reliably connected (the 2.0 liters petrol engine is shown).
5. Check reliability of connection of an electrical wiring of the generator (C).
6. Check integrity of fuses (D).