Executive Protection / PSD, Head of State Special Agent Leadership course. The course focuses on the highest-level security missions. From Head of State Protection details perspective to State Department Diplomatic Security, undercover security. executive protection curse This includes physical event security, differing security layers, and leadership. The students will be tested by former Israeli Secret Service "Shin Bet" and US Secret Service special agent team leaders and chief security officers during

1.1.24. On-board computer

The on-board computer gives out on the display of 6 types of information:

 – air temperature outside;
 – autonomy;
 – current fuel consumption;
 – average fuel consumption;
 – average speed;
 – the passable way.

Multipurpose display


Information relating to use of the on-board computer is output to the right part of the multipurpose display.

Use of the on-board computer

Rather short pressing the button located on the end of the lever of inclusion of a screen wiper. Each subsequent pressing will cause emergence on the display of the following type of information.

To nullify indications of the computer, you hold the button pressed more than three seconds.

If the accumulator was switched-off, do the following operations:

 – include ignition. At the same time 6 digital segments on the display and all symbols will light up.
 – press once the button. If the computer works, on the display temperature of external air will appear.

Temperature of external air

Temperature of external air appears on the display at inclusion of ignition. The blinking of a symbol of °C means probability of frosting of glasses.


Allows to judge number of kilometers which still can be passed with the fuel which remained in a tank (pays off on the basis of real fuel consumption within the last 10 minutes). When in a tank there are less than 4 liters of fuel, only three digital segments light up.

When the index of level of fuel shows the minimum level, the on-board computer automatically switches in the autonomy indication mode irrespective of the fact which information was output to the display before.

Current fuel consumption

It is the size which is defined within the last 2 seconds. This function does not work at a speed less than 20 km/h. Limit figure which the display – 30 l / can show 100 km.

Average fuel consumption

It is defined as the relation of amount of the spent fuel to the distance passed after the last zeroing of indications of the on-board computer. Limit figure which the display – 30 l / can show 100 km.

Average speed

It is defined since the moment of the last zeroing of indications of the computer and pays off by division of the passable way for the period of a trip, since the moment of inclusion of ignition.

The passable way

This distance passed from the moment of the last zeroing of indications of the computer.

After zeroing of indications of the on-board computer information on autonomy will not be output until the car passes some distance.

If at the movement on the display instead of figures horizontal strips light up, consult at the Peugeot station.