1.1.21. Windshield screen wiper

3. Maximum speed

2. Normal speed

1. Faltering or automatic operating mode

0. It is switched off

4. Inclusion on one cycle (pressing of the lever down)

For inclusion of windscreen washer of a windshield press the lever towards yourself. Along with a washer also the screen wiper will work. If passing beam of headlights is turned on, the washer of headlights in addition will join (in the presence).

The screen wiper of back glass joins turn of the ring switch A on a quarter of a turn up.

Automatic operating mode of a screen wiper

Depending on complete set option the car can be equipped with the rain sensor. If the lever is in situation 1, the screen wiper joins automatically when falling on glass of drops of water, and the frequency of waves of brushes is regulated depending on intensity of rainfall. After switching off of ignition or start of the engine the automatic mode has to be included repeatedly. In confirmation of inclusion of the automatic mode of a brush of a screen wiper will execute one full move. It is necessary in order that the sensor of a rain recorded a condition of a windshield. At failure of the sensor transfer the lever to situation 2.


Do not cover the sensor of a rain which is on a windshield behind a rear-view mirror. At a wash of the car it is necessary to switch off ignition and to transfer the lever to situation 0. In the winter before inclusion of the automatic mode of a screen wiper it is necessary to wait for full thawing of a windshield.