1.1.7. General dashboard

1. Speed regulator switch
2. A safety cushion cover for the driver
3. The panel of adjustment of rear-view mirrors with the electric drive. Switch of blocking of window regulators of back doors. Control panel of power windows
4. Regulator of headlights
5. Control lever lighting devices, sound
signal and indexes of turns. Switch of lobbies and back fog lights and lamps
6. Left ventilating grate. Nozzle of an obduv of glass of the left door
7. Left loudspeaker
8. Lever of remote control of the radio tape recorder
9. Control lever screen wiper and washer of glass. Switch of the on-board computer
10. Hours with digital indication
11. Switch of electronic control by illumination. Switch of the alarm light system. Switch of an electrical heating of back glass
12. Central ventilating grate
13. Multipurpose display
14. Nozzles of an obduv of a windshield
15. A safety cushion cover for the forward passenger
16. Cover of a glove box
17. Right ventilating grate
18. Nozzle of an obduv of glass of the right door
19. Right loudspeaker
20. Control panel of the conditioner
21. A nest for the radio tape recorder
22. Gear shifting lever
23. Forward ashtray
24. A ventilating grate of an air duct for supply of warm air in a zone of an arrangement of legs of back passengers
25. Lighter
26. Left and right switches of electroheating of seats
27. Lever of the parking brake
28. Back ashtray
29. The ignition lock with the anti-theft device
30. Lever of adjustment of provision of a steering wheel
31. Block of safety locks