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1.1.16. The dashboard (cars with the petrol and diesel engine)

1. Button of installation of indications of hours
2. Hours
3. A signaling device of pressure drop of oil in the engine
4. Indicator of inclusion of the left index of turns
5. Central signaling device of malfunction (STOP)
6. Indicator of inclusion of the right index of turns
7. Signaling device of the category of the accumulator
8. Speedometer
9. Button of dumping of indications of the counter of a daily run of the car
10. Indicator of inclusion of forward fog lights
11. Indicator of inclusion of back fog lamps
12. Index of temperature of cooling liquid
13. Indicator of inclusion of driving beam of headlights
14. Indicator of inclusion of passing beam of headlights
15. Counters of the general and daily run of the car
16. Indicator of inclusion of candles of an incandescence of the diesel engine
17. Signaling device of extreme wear of blocks of forward brakes
18. Signaling device of malfunction of ABS
19. Signaling device of malfunction of side safety cushions
20. Signaling device of malfunction of forward safety cushions
21. Signaling device of turning on of the parking brake and falling of level of brake fluid
22. Signaling device of automatic onboard system of diagnostics of the engine
23. A signaling device of hit of water in the fuel filter (depending on the country of delivery of the car)
24. Signaling device of falling of level of cooling liquid
25. Index of level of fuel
26. A signaling device of the minimum level of fuel in a tank