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The system of side safety cushions is intended for increase in safety of the people sitting on front seats at side crashes. The system includes 2 electronic control units equipped with sensors of blows and 2 inflatable safety cushions which are built in a framework of backs of front seats from doors.

In case of side crash the sensor of blow analyzes the acceleration received by the car. At achievement of a threshold of operation it sends a signal to a pillow. The pillow is instantly inflated, breaking off fastenings in a seatback and fills space between the person and a door. It is intended for protection of a thorax and a stomach of the driver and the passenger.


The gas which is coming out a pillow can make the insignificant irritating impact.

The side safety cushion does not work at light side blows, at blows in front or behind and at contact break.

After the first side blow which caused operation of a pillow, the system is blocked so if the second side blow from other party follows (a situation extremely improbable), then the second pillow will not work.

After operation of a safety cushion it is necessary to replace a seat and an electronic control unit with pillows.

It is forbidden to dress covers on front seats since they will interfere with the correct disclosure of side safety cushions.

Control of serviceability of side safety cushions

The signaling device performs the same functions, as a signaling device of forward safety cushions.