12:10. Cowl lock


1. Open a cowl, press pins of fastening of connectors of a front grille and remove them. Remove brackets of fastening of side parts of a front grille and, using the big screw-driver as the lever, press the central bracket of fastening. Take a front grille.
2. A marker note an arrangement of bolts of fastening of the lock of opening of a cowl. Unscrew both bolts. Remove the lock of opening of a cowl from the car and remove an additional cable from the lock.


1. Connect an additional cable of opening of the lock of a cowl to the lock and put the lock on a forward cross-piece.
2. Fix the lock by bolts, having combined them with earlier made tags.
3. Check operation of the lock. Grease the lock with universal lubricant.
4. Establish a front grille into place.