12:16. Luggage carrier lock


1. Open a trunk lid and disconnect the negative plug from the accumulator.
2. Remove percussion caps and finishing of a trunk lid.
Luggage carrier lock
3. Unscrew bolts (a photo at the left), disconnect draft (a photo on the right) and remove the luggage carrier lock.
Luggage carrier lock cylinder
4. Unscrew screws of fastening of the case of the cylinder of the lock and remove decorative finishing and laying from outer side of a trunk lid.
5. Disconnect drafts and remove the lock cylinder case from a trunk lid.
6. Remove a bracket of fastening of the lock of a luggage carrier.
7. Separate the lock button together with the case, noting an arrangement of springs (it is specified by shooters).
8. Take the luggage carrier lock cylinder.


Installation is made in the sequence of the return to removal. Before installation of finishing of a luggage carrier check operability of the lock.