12:28. Finishing of salon

Finishing of salon

Finishing of salon is fixed by screws or percussion caps of various type. At removal of finishing of salon check that on the removed element other elements were not imposed. Fastening of any element of finishing of salon is usually made on its edges.

Ware box

1. Open a ware box, take hinged fingers and uncover a ware box.
2. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.


The carpet in interior of the car consists of one part and is fixed at the edges by screws and percussion caps. Removal and installation of a carpet are very labor-consuming because it is necessary to remove all adjacent finishing of salon: seats, central console and seat belts.

Ceiling upholstery

Before removal of an upholstery of a ceiling it is necessary to remove handles, sun-protection peaks, the hatch, finishing of the top part of front and back glass, consolidation of doors and the top finishing of racks.