12.9. Cowl lock cable

The cable of the lock of a cowl consists of two parts: the body connects the lever of opening of a cowl to the lock from the driver, the second part connects locks.

Removal and installation

Main cable
1. Remove a headlight from the driver.
2. Unscrew the screw (it is specified by an arrow) fastenings of a cable of the lock of a cowl. Disconnect a cowl cable from the clips located in a nest for a headlight.
3. Tie a thin strong cord to the end of a cable and exempt a cable from all fastenings on all its length.
4. In interior of the car unscrew bolts and remove the handle of opening of a cowl. Take a cable in interior of the car. When the end of a cord seems from a partition of a motor compartment, untie it from a cable of opening of a cowl and leave in the car. The cord will need to be used for tightening to the place of a new cable.
Additional cable
5. Disconnect an additional cable from locks of opening of a cowl and remove it.
6. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.