12:19. System of the central blocking

The engine of the central blocking of the door lock is an integral part of the lock and cannot be replaced separately from the lock.

Removal and installation

Trunk lid lock engine
1. Open a trunk lid, take percussion caps and remove finishing of a luggage carrier.
2. Switch-off the electric socket, unscrew screws (are specified by shooters) fastenings of the engine of the lock of a trunk lid.
3. Remove the engine from a trunk lid, disconnecting it from draft.
Engine of the lock of a back door
4. Remove the lock of a back door.
5. Unscrew screws (are specified by shooters) fastenings, disconnect draft from the engine.
6. Remove the engine from a back door.
Electronic control device (ECU)
7. The system of the central blocking consists of three control units: receiver, central control unit of locks and control unit. All blocks are located under the dashboard from the passenger. For access to blocks open a cover of a ware box and remove it from hinges. Unscrew screws of an additional cover in the dashboard.
8. The screw-driver wring out brackets of fastening and take a cover from a nest.
9. Control units are located as follows: the receiver – at the upper left, the central ECU block – at the upper right, under them – the control unit. For removal of blocks disconnect the electric socket, release the fixing bracket and take the block (it is specified by an arrow) from an installation suspension bracket.
10. To remove the control unit, disconnect the electric socket, unscrew a bolt of fastening of the block to a partition of a motor compartment. Unscrew screws of fastening and take the control unit.
11. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.