12:26. Mechanism of a tension of a seat belt of a front seat

The system is intended for instant retracting any sagging in a seat belt in case of head-on collision therefore the threat of life to forward passengers decreases. Each front seat is equipped with the system with the mechanism of a tension of a belt attached directly to the seat belt lock. The mechanism of a tension of a belt is run by the safety cushion control unit. When the system of a tension of a belt works, fuel in the tension mechanism cylinder lights up that the tension mechanism piston therefore sagging of a seat belt is removed forces to move forward. After operation of the mechanism of a tension it is subject to replacement. That the mechanism of a tension did not work when carrying out repair work on the car, it is necessary to disconnect the accumulator and to disconnect the electric socket from the control panel a belt and a safety cushion.


Before performance of any actions on a seat belt disconnect the negative plug from the accumulator and wait at least for 2 minutes. Further remove the central panel and disconnect the socket from the seat belt tension control unit.

Do not subject the tension mechanism to heating above 100 °C.