3.1.5. Pulley of a bent shaft


1. Take off an auxiliary driving belt.
2. For fixing of the crankshaft of the engine from a provorachivaniye the assistant has to include the fourth transfer and press against the stop a foot brake. At this time weaken a bolt of fastening of a pulley of the crankshaft. If the engine is removed from the car, record a gear wreath of a flywheel a clamp. Do not fix the crankshaft at all, using an opening in a pulley for installation of the mechanism of gas distribution.
3. Unscrew a bolt and remove a pulley from the crankshaft. If the pulley is established on the sliding landing to the crankshaft with application of a spline or pin, remove them. If a pulley напрессован on the crankshaft, remove it by means of a stripper.


1. Establish a segment spline in a crankshaft flute. Install a pulley on the crankshaft, combining a groove on a pulley with a segment spline.
2. Clear a carving of a bolt of fastening of a pulley and grease it with means against unscrewing (Peugeot recommends Loctite Frenetanche use).
3. Screw up a bolt with a washer of fastening of a pulley.
4. Establish and adjust a tension of an auxiliary driving belt.